°2 slices bacon

°½ front green cabbage (seeded & chop or sliced)

°¼ cup white onion (chopped or diced)

°¼ teaspoon each, salt and pepper (to taste)


Heat  skillet or skillet on medium heat. Adding bacon slices & cooking until crisp, about 3 min on first side, then an additional 2 minutes when flipped. Removing from pan & chop to add to fried cabbage.

Bacon slices 2

Leave the pan with the bacon drippings on heat and add the chopped cabbage, diced onion, salt and pepper (plus optional sugar) to the pan. Fry until soft and tender, stirring frequently, about 5 min.

½ head green cabbage, ¼ cup white onion, ¼ teaspoon each, salt and pepper

Stirring chopped bacon into the cabbage, then serving immediately.

Enjoy !

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